Sited on the bank of the Brisbane River adjacent to the magnificent Story Bridge, Silt stands as a modern architectural marvel. The near perfect setting for Silt continued in its design; open plan living, dining and kitchen areas composed areas of space and light. The natural, sleek minimalism of Silt's interiors exists in start contrast to the green delight of the Kangaroo Point peninsula. The 3 bedroom, 1 study loft-style apartments capitalise on views and offer a unique connection to the world outside.













One buyer from country NSW owned an apartment in a neighbouring building, but sought a larger, more practical design.

Five of the buyers were living within 15km of the CBD with two buyers relocating from apartments in West End and the other

three buyers downsizing from houses in Toowong, Taringa and Fig Tree Pocket.


One buyer did come from the Sunshine Coast on a large acreage property. They worked in the CBD and no longer wanted to travel to and from work over long distance.


The age of these buyers ranged from mid-40’s to early 60’s. Interestingly, all seven purchasers have no children and secondly 6 of the 7 were working professionals who worked in the CBD.








The crux of Silt's campaign was to invoke a feeling of exclusivity, luxury and demarkation from the busy Brisbane City.  A digital and traditional marketing campaign was developed around these traits, crafted to appeal directly to owner occupiers that desired to live in the Kangaroo Point peninsula, close to Brisbane City, but removed enough to find space and peace. Leads were secured through social media and traditional avenues, targeting the correct target market with a message of cosmopolitan inspiration and refined luxury.












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